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Product overview:
For industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions for the laboratory, drying, baking, sterilization effect of molten wax.
Product features:
1, a drying box liner uses the mirror surface stainless steel ( or drawing plate argon arc welding of iron ) made drying box, using high-quality steel, handsome in appearance, novel.
2, using a temperature-controlled protection, digital display microcomputer intelligent controller, a function of timing, accurate and reliable temperature control. ( optional intelligent temperature controller program )
3, hot air circulation system by the continuous operation in high temperature air blower and the appropriate air duct. Uniform temperature inside the working chamber.
4, the box door adopts the double-layer glass door, can be clearly observed inside heating articles
Technical parameters:
Power supply voltage 220V 50HZ
Temperature range of 50 ℃ -250 ℃
Temperature fluctuation is± 1℃
Temperature control precision is ± 1℃
Input power        1100W
Liner dimension    450X400X450 ( 500*600*750 ) ( 800*800*1000 )
Dimension         740*618*630
Timing range       1-9999min
Inner liner          stainless steel ( iron)
Carrying bracket    2 block
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