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A portable Sugar degree also called refractometer, when light passes through the liquid with different concentrations will produce a different index of refraction angle refraction angle, by comparing the obtained liquid concentration values, whereby the refractometer designed. Refractometer which can simultaneously measure the sugar degree ( 0-32 ) and the concentration ( 0-20 ), products with automatic temperature compensation function, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and carrying, and clear vision, etc., can meet the use requirements of customers.

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Method of use: open the cover, with a soft cloth to wipe the prism carefully detection. Take the test solution a few drops, in the detection of the prism, close the cover, avoid bubble generation, so that the solution over the surface of the prism. The instrument into the plate alignment light or bright eyes, observed through an eyepiece field, rotating the eyepiece adjusting hand wheel, so that the field of view of the blue and white line clear. Dividing the scale value for the concentration of solution.
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