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Capacitive digital display instruments for measuring the moisture content, the use of two stainless steel direct insertion method for the determination of grain moisture content. Than the original copper type inserting method is more difficult to wear blue screen display, display is provided, the probe contacts the object to be measured can be luminous display, the user can operate at night . The appearance is smooth, rapid test, visual reading, convenient carrying. Mainly used for food storage bag monitoring, is the ideal equipment to buy food.
Technical performance
1 measurements of the variety and scope: ( and other granular variety )    Rice :10-20%     Wheat:10-20%    Rape:5-20%    Corn 10-20%
2 Accuracy: against 0.55%
3 response time: 5 seconds
4: 30CM about ©ú ©údepth measurement
5: work environment temperature of 0-40 ℃, relative temperature < 85%
6 power: 4*1.5 V 5


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