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Purpose and scope
A colorimeter is a visual colorimeter, it using the international general Lovibond color degrees as the standard, can measure various liquids, colloids, solid and powder of chroma samples. Instrument has the advantages of simple structure, firm, the operation is very convenient, very suitable for cooking oil and other industrial and agricultural products, color measurement, in order to achieve the daily quality control.
Lovibond colorimeter specifications and parameters:
In the color box dimensions: 455*334*120mm
Accessory box dimensions: 360*270*100mm
Main technical index:
1, measuring range:
Red 0.1~79.9 Lovibond unit
Yellow 0.1~79.9 Lovibond unit
Blue 0.1~49.9 Lovibond unit
Neutral color 0.1~3.9 Lovibond unit
2, instrument minimum lattice value: 0.1, Weipeng unit
3, white reflectance: > 80%
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