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   According to the Kjeldahl Method the azotometer is designed by our company for detecting ammonia and nitrogen, protein nitrogen content of grain, food, food, dairy, beverage, feed, soil, water, medicine, sediments and chemicals.The detection method of azotometer can meet the national standard ,AOAC,ISO。
1.The shell is made of special steel plate.ABS antiseptic and stainless steel plante which is anti-corrossion and mechanical damage.
2、Programmed automatic control,easle to use;
3、Large-screen LCD display,operation process and working condition can be display by Chinese characters.
4、It could be set arbitrarily to add into boric acid,alkali and distilled water.
5、 Automatic water replenishment,recovered liquid can be adjusted.
6、 Automatic alarm function for recovering.
7、It could be set manual and automatical operation according to your need.
 8、Equipped with four hole or eight hole digestion furnace.
Technology parameters:
1、 Test variety:grian,food,dairy,beverage,forage,soil,water,medicine and chemicals.
2、Test sample quantity:soil<5g/pcs,liquid<15ml/pcs;
3、 Test rang:0.1mgN ~200mgN(nitrogen content 0.02% ~ 95%);
4、Working mothod:full-automatic
5、Recovety:100±1%(relative error,including digest process);
7、 Distilation speed:<5 mins/sample;
8、Cunsume of cooling water:2L/mins;
9、Working voltage:220V 50HZ;

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